AusFX Go Ahead Make My Day ET


25 March, 2012

Red female with copper & white

Sire: Tillsun Tonka Tuff RN [owned by Sharam Knls]

Dam: Rozate PS I Love You HSAs JD RN ET


Hips 1:3 Elbows 0:1

Eyes clear 2016.

Hereditary Cataract: Normal (Not affected).

CEA Collie Eye Anomoly/ Choroidal Hypoplasia: Normal (Not affected).

Ivermectin sensitivity/ MDR1: Normal (Not affected).

Full dentition.


Click here for Vixen's pedigree.

Vixen is a sweet soul who loves nothing more than to be with you, whatever you're doing.


She continues the fine tradition of Water Dog, enjoying the dam on hot days.

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Vixen is not averse to a nice day out with a bit of exercise, and in July 2015 she obtained her ET title.


She is an excellent mother and has had two beautiful litters.


If you have any questions about Vixen, please email me.

Photo Credits: Leonora.









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