AusFX OrangeIsTheNewBlack


13 May, 2016

Black female with copper & white

Sire: Aust/ NZ Ch Lanbart Cetschwayo [owned by Lanbart Knls]

Dam: AusFX Go Ahead Make My Day ET

Click here for Moonpie's pedigree.

A larger-than-life character with a sunny disposition and plenty of attitude, Moonpie is a super-sweet girl who has her own ideas

on how life should be.

Unsurprisingly, she too loves water.


She is quite the pack rat and can often be seen carrying her latest 'treasure' to a special spot for her uninterrupted chewing pleasure.


She will happily entertain herself, but is also happy to leave what she's doing if asked.


If you have any questions about Moonpie, please email me.

Photo Credits: Leonora.









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